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Blockbuster Core

Tabletop Blockbuster is in the late stages of a closed beta, and the rules are nearly ready for publication. The resources below are provided free of charge to help get people into the game and to make playing and running easy for everyone at the table. These files will be updated as needed until the final release version of the rules is ready. If alternate designs become available after the game is released, those will be available here as well.

Tabletop Blockbuster Character Sheet

Character Sheet

Player Resources

Character Sheet

Vehicle and Companion Sheets

Powers Template

Director Resources

NPC Sheet

Scene Tracker - form-fillable PDF

Director's Cheat Sheet


Discovery is a short-form game with no rules text. Instead, the instructions are presented in this video. You'll need the character sheet below to play the game.

Play Resources

Character Sheet


Clash is currently in open beta playtesting. The rules document link below will open the original, read-only file through Google Drive. Any feedback should be directed to daedalumap@gmail.com.

Game Rules

Playtest Document

World and Player Sheets

Monsterhearts The Rusalka Monsterhearts Skin

The Rusalka

Monsterhearts is a game of supernatural teenage lust and drama by Avery McDaldno, based on the Apocalypse World rules. Brie created a few, free skins for use with the base rules. Skins are the playbooks that tell you about your character and give you the special rules your character can use to take action.

The Medusa is the stone-hearted purity queen. She has her pride, and her sisters, and a stare that can stop anyone in their tracks.

The Rusalka is a dangerous, yet alluring creature. Those who love one inevitably come to harm, whether by the hand of the Rusalka, by jealous forces, or by their own hand.


Miscellaneous Resources Dice Icons

Dice Icons

These are resources for designers and players alike who want some extra materials for their publicaitons and play tables.

Dice Icons

The .zip file linked below contains 1-inch square 72dpi PNG files and EPS vector files for each of the pictured dice icons.


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